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An Overview of Our Commercial Cleaning Supplies Catalog

For over 65 years Chief Clean has been manufacturing the highest quality commercial janitorial supplies. Our customers include healthcare and educational facilities, commercial industries such as office buildings and warehouses, and food and retail establishments. All of these varied industries rely on the quality floor cleaning products produced by Chief Clean to keep their working environments hygienic and safe. When choosing janitorial supplies, it pays to use products from a company that understands the needs and requirements of an industry. Floor cleaning equipment should be effective, reliable, and long lasting to take the hassle out of a tedious, but necessary, job.

With an extensive commercial cleaning supplies catalog, we offer equipment needed to handle any and all floor cleaning jobs. Our full line of janitorial supplies include many different styles of mops that are available for wet or dry applications. We offer mop heads made from traditional cotton and blended yarns as well as modern premium filaments. Premium microfiber mops are made from microfiber yarn that is designed to pick up dirt with less effort and are widely used in commercial, industrial, and medical environments. When wet mopping, microfibers require less supplies such as cleaning chemicals and water to remove dirt. These high efficient mops are washable and withstand hundreds of washings while still retaining their effectiveness. Microfiber pads are another premium solution for wet or dry cleaning. These pads collect dirt and dust by producing an electrostatic charge that draws particles into the pad. Washing the pad renews the microfibers for continued cleaning. To clean wood, tile, or ceramic flooring, the wide headband dust mops are an ideal solution.

We also manufacture a large selection of mop handles and frames that are durable and strong to handle the toughest floor cleaning tasks. Made from corrosion resistant aluminum or stainless steel, they are designed for heavy industrial use and are available in many different sizes. Chief Clean mop buckets are sturdy for easy cleanup and are easy to use. With numerous styles and sizes, we have a mop bucket that is suitable for every commercial cleanup.

Commercial janitorial supplies from Chief Clean are trusted by hospitals, schools, office facilities, and restaurants throughout Georgia and Florida. As a manufacturer of these products, we stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of each product we produce. Our customers rely on our products and services to keep their businesses clean and safe. And, our made-in-the-USA products support our national economy and provide jobs for our community. For more information on Chief Clean’s commercial janitorial supplies, please contact us today.

Commercial: Office Buildings, Warehouses, Storage facilities, Retail Outlets & Malls; Recreational Venues

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Wide Headband Dust Mops

Dust Mops, Handles & Frames

NEW! Chief Clean's Wide Headband Dust Mops: Designed For Durability and Reinforced For Strength! Now offered in addition to our fine line of handles and frames, Chief Clean features mops constructed from cotton / blended yarns and premium filaments.
  • Durable and Long Lasting for Heavy Industrial Use
  • End Looped for Maximum Absorbency
  • Wide Array of Colors
  • Various Sizes
  • Packed 12 Per Box
Dust Mop Clip On Hardware: Chief Clean's Clip On Hardware is American Made and connects to any standard sized dust mop frame. Made of heavy gauged powder coated steel with a sliding synthetic lock, our Clip On Hardware will fit any 15/16" diameter handle. Finish options include industrial strength powder coated black or silver. The Clip On Hardware is available as the hardware only or as a complete unit connected to a wood, fiberglass, steel, or aluminum handle.

EZ Swivel Dust Mop Connector: Chief Clean's EZ Swivel is a dust mop connector made of heavy gauged powder coated steel able to adapt to any standard dust mop frame. The EZ Swivel is locked into position by a tightening wing nut. This connector is available as the hardware only or as a complete unit attached to a 15/16" diameter wood, fiberglass, steel, or aluminum handle.

Z Force Dust Mop Hardware: Our patented Z Force dust mop hardware is constructed of a highly engineered resin called Plaszsteel which is practically indestructible and recyclable. The Z force connector has no metal components which eliminates the possibility of corrosion or rust. It snaps on and off the dust mop frame from a standing position eliminating strenuous user bending and kneeling. The Z Force dust mop head swivels in all directions for easy use.

Z Force Dust Mop Frame: The Z-frame is made of one continuous piece of industrial strength steel rod welded together at each end. This patented design substantially decreases the possibility of weld failures found in many existing competitor dust mop frames that consist of up to four times the amount of welds. Also with our new patented dust mop frame design, less steel is required compared to the standard market dust mop frame allowing for cost savings to our customers as well as a substantial savings in shipping cost due to less weight.

Dust Mop Clip On Frames: Clip on frames are 5" wide with round ends. Made of 1/4" wire, the frames are available in lengths ranging from 12" to 72". Frames 48" through 72" have special z-bar braces for added strength. All clip-on frames are finished in a choice of silver or black powder coating.

Breakaway Dust Mop Frames: Chief Clean's Breakaway frame is 5" wide. It is made of heavy duty 1/4" diameter powder coated wire. The special designs allows for the frame to "break away" in the middle for easier installation of the dust mop. Our Breakaway frames are available in lengths 12" through 72" powder coated in black or silver.

Junior Dust Mop Frames: The junior frames are 3-1/4" wide and made of 1/4" wire. It is available in lengths 12" through 72", and can be finished in silver or black powder coating.